February 29, 2020

Agege Acts Not Only Street Act Good In Street Songs (See Reason Here)

Decoded he is the street wave of the moment with his new style street singer..

Decoded as a hits Chaolin Temple and Mo Foh, Decoded the Agbado crossing act.

Street people believe that Agege act is best street act WHILE they dont know they are many area in street that they are good in street song than Agege like: Agbado Crossing, Iju Ishaga, Sango Ota, Mushin acts.

To know that there many area in street better than Agege act: Keep visiting Gentleloaded Media to get there songs that will glued your mind.

Check this acts song that they are not Agege act: Fela2, Danny S, Dj Eedris, A.Alone, Decoded, Juwalin, Kyla Cole, Manny Jay, T.Blade, Ajoji, Li2 Yemex, Youngstar, Tee Swag, KingEzzy and Lot more.

More update to be updated as soon possible.

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